Feel the need for speed?

Innovative professional development method which allows you to apply new science data into your daily clinical practice at a high speed.

Relevant and reliable?

Topics, cases, evidence synthesis are selected and developed by a multi-disciplinary expert panel and are peer-reviewed.The case courses are accredited.

Respect for your time?

The case challenges will take 2-4 minutes of your time per week. Course completion and assessments can be done whenever you have free time. Your time will be well spent.

    • Keep up-to-date about important clinical topics
    • Test your knowledge in series of 5 short cases
    • Compare your decisions with those of your peers
    • View expert recommendations and related evidence for each case
    • Gain 1 European CME credit per topic

Topic overview

Prostate cancer
  1. Diagnosing clinically significant PCa
  2. Adverse pathology at radical prostatectomy
  3. Biochemical recurrence after radical prostatectomy
  4. Radical treatment of low- and intermediate-risk PCa
  5. Active surveillance: yes or no?
  6. Treatment decision-making in castration-resistant prostate cancer
  7. New data, new treatment recommendations in metastatic hormone-sensitive PCa
  8. --NEW-- Oligometastatic PCa: treating the primary and/or metastases
  9. --NEW-- ADT resource management: finding the right ADT for the right patient
  10. --NEW-- Treatment of high-risk PCa: the basics
  11. --NEW-- High-risk non-metastatic prostate cancer: the devil is in the details
Lower Urinary Tract Dysfunction
  1. Initial management of nocturia
  2. Management of non-neurogenic female OAB
  3. Male LUTS: keep on learning
Bladder cancer
  1. Management of M0 muscle-invasive bladder cancer beyond radical cystectomy
  2. --NEW-- BCG or early cystectomy? Challenges in high risk NMIBC
  3. --NEW-- Variant histology = radical cystectomy, right?
  4. --NEW-- New hope for patients progressing after 1st-line treatment for mUCa
  5. --NEW--It’s getting personalised: 1st-line treatment for mUCa

The review of evidence is a very good feature with key figures highlighted in a proper way

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Resident in Urology

University of Göteborg, Sweden

Very instructive! Also for topics I am less busy with, it is interesting to see the essence of trials applied in a clinical setting!

Frank Van der Aa

Frank Van der Aa

professor of Urology (Leuven, Belgium)