Breast cancer
Adjuvant systemic treatment of luminal A/B early breast cancer

Linn (52 years old)

At 52 years old, Linn is the owner of a second-hand shop specialised in furniture. While retrieving  goods for her shop, she loves collecting vintage childhood games and she is planning a small exhibition for her collection. However, she was recently diagnosed with early breast cancer following a screening mammography.

Assessment summary

  • No relevant medical history. No family history of breast or ovarian cancer
  • Premenopausal, regular monthly menstrual cycles
  • Stage and tumour biology at diagnosis:
    • cT1bN0M0
    • ER 100%, PgR 100%, HER2 negative (IHC 1+), Ki67 10%
  • Upfront breast conserving surgery + SLNB
  • Pathology report:
    • G1 invasive carcinoma of no special type
    • Single focus, 12 mm, pT1c
    • Lymphovascular or perineural invasion absent
    • R0 resection
    • pN0 (0/3 sn)
  • Multidisciplinary board meeting: postoperative RT and endocrine therapy

Which endocrine treatment option would you choose for this patient?