About Mirrors of Medicine


The overwhelming amount of (new) information in medicine and healthcare calls for time-efficient and learner-centric ways of CME for addressing the need of continuing professional development.

Innovative professional development method

Mirrors of Medicine™ is a case-based professional development method with a focus on improving clinical decision making and patient outcomes. Cases are centred around actual clinical topics where new evidence has impact on best practice. They are constructed by international experts, using modified Delphi techniques for establishing recommendations for all clinical decisions included. Patented “what-if scenarios” are embedded to learn about the impact of modifying patient-specific characteristics on clinical decisions.

The method is interactive and challenges the participant to mirror his own opinion against those of peers, international experts, and evidence from clinical studies and guidelines.

Measuring impact

The method allows to measure the impact of the presented cases and evidence on physicians’ knowledge, attitudes, and practice behaviour with the final goal of narrowing the gap between daily and best practice.

Live and online

The Mirrors of Medicine™ method can be used to develop various types of educational activities. The case-based programs developed by the Mirrors of Medicine™ method are all accredited and available for online self-learning (PinPoint Case Platform) as well as for live group education (Case Presenter Platform).