Bladder cancer

NEW --- Handling AEs of targeted therapies for metastatic UCa

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Educational Objective: Get familiar with the current indications of immunotherapy, FGFR inhibitors and antibody-drug conjugates for metastatic urothelial carcinoma (UCa). Gain knowledge on how to handle adverse events (AEs) during and after immunotherapy, the FGFR inhibitor erdafitinib, and the antibody-drug conjugate enfortumab vedotin.
Specialty: Medical oncology, urology, clinical oncology, (radiation oncology)
Target Audience: Specialists (CME: basic, intermediate), Residents (senior)
Latest update: June 2024

Regulatory approval status of drugs for metastatic UCa (status 7 May 2024)

ChT: chemotherapy; CPS: combined positive score