Prostate cancer

Tailoring treatment for metastatic hormone-sensitive prostate cancer

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Educational Objective: Learn how new clinical data influence the treatment choice in patients with metastatic hormone-sensitive prostate cancer (mHSPC): which patients benefit from (intensified) systemic treatment, which patients from local therapy?
Specialty: Medical oncology, Clinical oncology, Urology, Radiation oncology
Target Audience: Specialists (CME: basic, intermediate-advanced), Residents (senior)
Latest update: June 2024

New data for patients with mHSPC are paving the way towards a more personalised treatment approach. Both men with metastases at first presentation (synchronous) and patients who received local therapy before detection of metastases (metachronous) are addressed.

Regulatory approval status of therapies included in this topic (indications limited to the mHSPC setting, status 13 June 2024)

ADT: androgen deprivation therapy