Breast cancer

Theragnostic testing – choosing the right therapy in mTNBC

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Educational Objective: Gain insight into the selection of first- and second-line systemic therapies for patients with metastatic TNBC (mTNBC).
Specialty: Medical oncology, Clinical oncology
Target Audience: CME (basic, intermediate), Residents (senior)
Latest update: November 2023

Patients with mTNBC have a poor prognosis and treatment options have been limited. Chemotherapy has been the standard of care for decades. Encouraging results of clinical trials for patients with mTNBC have led to more therapeutic options including immunotherapy and targeted therapy (i.e. PARP inhibitors, antibody-drug conjugates). Determination of the PD-L1 and germline BRCA mutational status are key for management optimisation, particularly in the first-line setting of mTNBC.

Regulatory approval status of therapies included in this topic (indications limited to the mTNBC setting; status 27 September 2023)