Prostate cancer
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Brian (65 years old)

Brian, 65 years old, has the world’s largest collection of garden gnomes. Every day, he gets up at 5 AM to polish them from head to toe.

  • Medical history:
    • Underwent RP + PLND
    • Preoperative PSA 17 ng/ml
    • pT3a pN0 M0
    • ISUP grade group 4 (Gleason score 4+4)
    • Positive surgical margin (2 mm) at apex
  • Postoperative findings:
    • Undetectable PSA
    • No adjuvant therapy is undertaken
  • 6 months later, repeat PSA is 0.3 ng/ml.

He is referred to receive salvage RT.

Please indicate which ADT option, if any, you would choose for this patient in combination with salvage RT: