Prostate cancer

Biochemical recurrence after radical prostatectomy

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Educational Objective: Gain insight on the appropriate treatment of BCR in post-RP men, considering the importance of risk factors, PSA levels, and the role of ADT
Specialty: Urology, radiation oncology, (medical oncology)
Target Audience: CME (basic), Residents (senior)
Latest update: May 2021

Biochemical recurrence (BCR) occurs in a significant proportion of patients who received primary curative treatment for localised PCa. Because not all patients with PSA-only recurrence after RP will develop clinical recurrences, a careful balance must be made in aiming for a delay in the onset of metastatic disease and death, while avoiding overtreatment of patients whose disease may never affect their overall survival or quality of life. Multiple clinical factors must be taken into account to optimally treat a patient with N0 M0 PSA-recurrent PCa.